Monday, 8 February 2010

The Returning Word

Here's a thought experiment into some Barthian theology of Scripture..
not even sure what I make of it myself

Barth, if I understand, explains that the Scriptures 'become' the Word of God through 'personal encounter' with Jesus, via the Spirit

I wonder then if we can continue - is then the written Word a temporary thing, like the old covenant, designed to pass away?

The Word must go out, and it is not designed to stay out, but to return, and so the written Word is temporary, and must fade - it must enter the hearts and minds of men, and continue it's outgoing, creative work

Then once accomplished, it will return to the Source, the Father, where it performs its incoming, restive work... bringing the lives of those it has made with it

so then the actual book.. unlike certain other religious theologies.. is hardly eternal, but inherently old...

what do you think?
just a flight of fancy..

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Inilah Kebenaran said...

Interesting that even the written Word needed to be sprinkled with blood, i.e. atoned for? (Heb. 10:19)