Monday, 25 April 2011

Being vs Doing

There's always a problem between being and doing

we know ultimately we need to be both being and doing

yet how does one 'be'?

some have said - allow the doing to filter into becoming
here's Luther's response to that taken from here:

Now, our Scholastics and papists have taught an external piety; they would command the eyes not to see, and the ears not to hear, and would put piety into our hearts from the outside. Ah, how far this is from the truth! But it comes in this way: When the heart and conscience cling to the Word in faith, they overflow in works, so that when the heart is holy, all the members become holy, and good works follow naturally.

yet Luther was not opposed to doing either
and Glen too comments on the value of 'doing':

But there’s another danger.  We can react the other way and disdain anything ‘external’.  We say to the  world: “I reject ‘works’, I’m all about the inward life.”  And so we’re constantly taking our spiritual temperatures.  We neglect ritual (as though it always leads to ritualism).  And we start to think of faith as a thing – the one really meritorious work!

I think the primary difference is that the 'doing' that comes before being is that the 'doing' is 'done' by someone else - i.e. someone administers sacraments to us, or preaches a sermon to us - i am invited to join in someone else's doing that arises from his supposed being

so it is therefore the church (body of Christ) that does, and invites others to join them in doing, so that eventually others may be and therefore do for others

it is basically parenting.... =)

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