Saturday, 16 April 2011

End Game

Time for some major heresy by myself:

Some people put that atonement is the be-all and end-all of theology - i.e. penal substitution
therefore in the later reformed ideas - the debate is that if the eternal decree of God is to atone,
then surely we cannot have a limit to His decreed atonement - and instead we have a decreed limited atonement

The early church put 'deification' as the end point
the goal of everything - especially via the incarnation - is to become 'sons of God'
i think that's a bit better  - since it's more relational and familial rather than legal
yet - not everyone is 'deified' - so how does that fit with the eternal plan / will / decree of God?

What about this:
The end game - is Revelation
i.e. the display of God's glory
more specifically put - the Trinitarian display of God's glory

Therefore the eternal decree (which indeed is eternal)
js that God the Father will glorify (perfect) God the Son
And God the Son will reveal the perfect glory of His Father
and this is most primarily achieved through the cross (to agree with Luther's focus)
yet of course also achieved in every other work of Christ (from eternity, to pre-incarnate, incarnate, resurrected, eternity)

Therefore God achieves His end game - for at the end - everyone knows the Son - one way or another
and at the end, everyone sees the glory of God - one way or another

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