Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Meeting Jesus in Leviticus

Here are the sermons on Leviticus that I preached on recently. Sorry I don't know know how to do a direct link thingy. Must say that there is nothing new under the sun here and that I have plagiarised heavily from other wiser folk, not least Paul Blackham, Mike Reeves, etc...

Building Blocks http://www.emmanuelplymouth.co.uk/?page_id=146&sermon_id=101

Our Sufficient Sacrifice http://www.emmanuelplymouth.co.uk/?page_id=146&sermon_id=103

Our Great High Priest http://www.emmanuelplymouth.co.uk/?page_id=146&sermon_id=104

Our Man in Heaven http://www.emmanuelplymouth.co.uk/?page_id=146&sermon_id=106

Easter in Advance http://www.emmanuelplymouth.co.uk/?page_id=146&sermon_id=108

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yemsee said...

fantastic - will save these for a rainy day =)