Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Vaughan Roberts just came to Singapore to do a small 2-day conference on preaching biblical theology..

i.e. the big picture

found out that many of the young pastors in Singapore now study in Moore College, Sydney, Australia

conversation with one of them after a talk:

me: "Oh you studied in London, me too, were you at All Souls"
guy: "Yes, at All Souls - then I went to study at Moore... learned from a guy called Goldsworthy"
guy: "Good thing I found out that Blackham guy was a bit dodgy in his OT stuff"
me: "...."

Glen - i consider this your country's fault!!

on a side note..
is it just me...
or is all this 'big picture' stuff more about 'God's plan' rather than the Person of Christ?
or am I just being pedantic?


Glen said...

my bad. sorry.

but the difference between the Plan and the Person is all the difference in the world. We trust *Jesus* not some mechanism which will work out alright in the end!

all that Plan stuff gets people excited for about 90 days. maximum. "Oh I see how the bible fits together now: God's people in God's place under God's rule. That's a neat little unifying grid..." But "progress towards Christ" is not what unites the bible. CHrist is!

yemsee said...

how would you work that out a bit more though?

have you read Vaughan's book?

his main theme is the 'kingdom of God' - and of course it is progressive


PeteB said...

I read the book a year or two ago when it was an All Souls "book of the quarter". Due to the reasons Glen mentioned, it was just a bit boring. Perhaps you have to be a history buff to find that kind of stuff interesting. However, Jesus IS interesting...