Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Brokenness necessary to Repentance?

If repentance is to be defined as a change of mind - primarily about God rather than of self
e.g. the prodigal son - when he thinks of God as Father rather than slave-driver

then brokenness of self is a necessary requirement to this sort of repentance
brokenness therefore is a realisation that what self has done is going nowhere

it is the grace of God in the cross of Christ that causes repentance

so what causes brokenness?

well in the prodigal son - it is the famine
the withdrawal of blessings to anyone else except those under the Son - cf. Joseph - prince of Egypt

therefore it is the Father demonstrating His lasting blessing through the church under Christ that causes brokenness in the world
or put another way - the light of the church that exposes the darkness in the world

here perhaps is the corporate dimension of repentance - the necessary involvement of the church - as the Father is pleased to do - the experience of the Church of the grace that is in Christ proclaims the void that is in the world that has run away from Him

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