Thursday, 30 June 2011

More on Impersonal Application

The tenancy is to teach lessons and principles

modern hermeneutics is almost completely based on dissolving any Scripture into 'timeless principles' to be re-contextualized in the current culture

The problem is - that people read and understand things differently
Thus even when I read a commentary - let's say Calvin - there are dozens of interpretations of Calvin, because I don't know the Jesus Calvin knows
It is only when I have a closer relationship to Jesus as Calvin did, Calvin becomes understandable, as Calvin

thus in preaching principles and lessons - they can be genuine expressions of your own faith
yet they will be recontextualized by the listeners
and automatically - fit in - to their own life situations - which may not have the same relationship with Jesus

ultimately their principles at best will improve their current lives, but may not do anything for their relationship with God
more likely - the principles will turn them further away from God as they rely more on themselves, or worse, on you...  you become a necessary component of their 'faith'

and so they rely more and more on you - and less and less on Scripture, and on Christ

a 'Free Church' is where all a free in Jesus - free from one another, therefore free to serve and to be close to one another - Bonhoeffer is fantastic on this in 'Life Together'

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