Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Hearing Between the Notes

"One of my biggest fears in becoming Christian, was that all my interests, in particular to music, would be pushed to one side, and life would become an awful lot less interesting. All the things that I was interested in before would turn from colour to black and white. I can honestly say I found exactly the opposite. Music now is far more interesting, because now I can hear between the notes. I can begin to ask how does God relate to this, what is God doing in this music, why did God allow this music to be written and what are its powers? I hear much more. I want to say to you if you are a botanist or a medic or economist or even a mathematician... The skill is to hear between the notes, as how God is relating to this or how what He is doing in and through this or what He might be trying to tell us about His world. When you bring them together, you hear so much more... and the result is a foretaste of the end... when God will bring all things together." - Jeremy Begbie, A Sense of Ending

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