Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Displaying the Gospel the way Creation does

How should we display the gospel in the world?

Maybe it should be the way like the rest of God's creation does
everything proclaims the gospel in itself - assuming it is doing what God created it to do
(that is to say, you can have errant animals)

Thus in our actions, we should come to the point where we proclaim the gospel in all our actions
from character, to talents - i.e. in our gentle demeaner or in our architecture, in our patience or in our choice of food

of course almost no one would ever see Jesus like this - but neither does anyone see Jesus in creation

it is then the spoken Word of God that illuminates all our actions - whenever the opportunity presents itself
therefore it does not mean we do not do them in and of themselves - we are always to be proclaiming our Father regardless of whether other people get it or not

I think this will get rid of the mindset of 'aggressive evangelism', where it is about how much we are 'getting out there' and witnessing, rather than just enjoying God's work in and through us on a daily basis

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